NASA releases sounds of Mars audio as Perseverance rover laser probe hits rocks

Scientists have published sounds from another world.

NASA’s Perseverance rover first used its SuperCam instrument on Mars.

The high-intensity light probe can identify rocks from a distance.

It’s a technique that was also used by Nasiosity’s previous Rover Curiosity.

But Perseverance has a microphone that allows us to actually hear the laser at work.

The sound of the laser hitting stones reveals knowledge such as the hardness of the targets being examined.

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“When we tap on a hard surface, we don’t hear the same sound as when we fire on a soft surface,” said Naomi Murdoch of the French National Aerospace Institute in Toulouse.

“Take chalk and marble, for example.

“These two materials have an identical chemical composition (calcium carbonate), but very different physical properties.”

Mars Perseverance Rover on the planet with laser top left

In a media briefing, Dr. Murdoch three different sounds recorded by the SuperCam microphone.

One was from the general sound of Mars, the second from some gusts of wind, and the third was the staccato pop of the laser in action.

Perseverance landed in Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18 to search for past life evidence.

NASA releases sounds of Mars audio as Perseverance rover laser probe hits rocks 1

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The deep shell is considered an excellent place for such a search as it almost certainly contained a lake billions of years ago. and where there was water there was perhaps life.

Persistence spent most of his first three weeks on Mars doing post-landing checks.

However, it has started moving in a northeast direction.

An immediate target is a helicopter experiment.

The rover brought a small helicopter from Earth.

The vehicle searches for suitable terrain to safely place the four and a half pound device called the Ingenuity on the ground.


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