Naughty rabbits chew through pricey sofas after being left alone for 5 mins

This pair of “mischievous” bunnies chewed through two couches and turned the £ 1,500 worth of furniture into a sea of ​​white paneling – after being left alone for five minutes.

Rachelle Foot had only crawled out of her living room for a moment when her two rescue bunnies, Earl and Moana, sat on their two DFS sofas and tore mountains of white upholstery from the pillows.

The 43-year-old even had to guess at the controls on her TV remote control – when the cheeky 18-month-old duo chewed off all the numbers and buttons.

Even after reupholstering the couches and covering them with sheets to deter the couple, the animal lover was forced to call her mother for help after CCTV showed them her antics – and Rachelle feared she didn’t done a sofa left over ”.

The footage shows Moanna sitting on the sofa surrounded by a sea of ​​white stuffing that she pulled from her owner’s jumbo cord sofa – with so much padding that it dwarfs the big bunny.

The sales manager believes the “shy” Earl is being instigated by his “cheeky girlfriend” Moana, who is out to do most of the damage.

Rachelle of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire said, “It was a shock as there was so much filling that I couldn’t really see where the hole or damage was.

“Earl seems to trust Moana to do it, and she was on the sofa still playing with all that stuff and he looked up at her – I just couldn’t believe she’d done it.

“My lounge looked like Santa’s grotto – I called my mom and said, ‘Oh my god, what should I do?’ It was crammed everywhere and she was of no help as she just laughed at me.

“This is the worst pair of rabbits we’ve ever had – they’re just a little mischievous.

“You chewed on all of the buttons on the remote and did that a few times – you have to guess which button really does what.”

The animal lover said her two 18-month-old rabbits will now stay outside for the summer, which will give her a brief respite so she will have to refill her couches every time they pull out their filling.

Rachelle suspects that the two rabbits are even gnawing at the protective cloths she used as reinforcements

Rachelle said the duo also chewed her carpet, skirting boards, curtains, pillows, and even cut three phone lines.

She’s hoping to buy supplies to mend the pesky holes in the corners of her three-seater couches, but they’ve even started nibbling holes through the protective sheets.

Rachelle said, “I was looking at our CCTV camera and the rabbits were back on the sofa and I had to call my parents to try to save the sofa because when I got home at noon we believed we had no sofa left not me.

“They just kept doing it and I had to keep putting it in and they pulled it out again.

“It’s surprising what you can really do in five minutes – I couldn’t believe it because I’d never let a rabbit do this before.

“We ended up just buying a fitted sheet to cover the couches to keep them from doing any more damage – it looks like we’re constantly redecorating.

“We had Earl first and he was pretty shy so we got him a girlfriend and we were hoping she’d get him out of his shell – she’s pretty brave and she definitely did.”


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