Nazi mum jailed for locking 'Mowgli' daughter, 6, in home from hell with 19 cats

The cruel Yurate-Alprika Raine forced her daughter Datse to survive mostly on cat food in shocking conditions, and a Russian court has now found her guilty of torture after having been imprisoned for three years

Yurate-Alprika Raine, 35, admits she preferred looking after her eldest daughter, Myshana, now 12 (


A mother supported by the Nazis was arrested for raising her emaciated six-year-old daughter as a Mowgli girl.

The naked, hungry kid named Datse was found by shocked police officers crawling on all fours in the mud in a house out of hell with 19 cats.

Yurate-Alprika Raine, 35, was convicted by a Russian court of torturing the minor.

She couldn’t speak and only responded to catcalling because she thought her name was “Kitty-Kitty” and she lived mostly on cat food.

The cruel mother left her alone in a windowless room, where she had a pensioner bring the food when he was feeding the cats.

Yurate-Alprika Raine made her daughter eat cat food in order to survive



The mother lived with her older daughter, 12, in a well-kept apartment elsewhere.

Before being sentenced, she told a TV show, “I admit that I paid more attention to my oldest child.

“I raised my youngest daughter until her character changed when she was three.”

The mother said she was “confused” and locked up the date with cats while the man brought food.

Datse was found in disgusting conditions


Rossiya 1)

Raine came once every five or seven days to clean up the mess.

The girl had never been to the doctor, school or social welfare office.

Raine, who used to work as an escort and was portrayed as a neo-Nazi saluting Hitler, was deprived of her right to raise both daughters.

She was imprisoned for three years.

The child representative Anna Kuznetsova visits the six-year-old in the hospital



When she was found, NTV reported: “The emaciated girl looks three years old, younger than her actual age of six.

“The man in the house is supposed to be her godfather.

“The child moved on all fours, lived with cats, ate cat food and responded to cat calls.”

Vladimir Putin’s child representative Anna Kuznetsova said the sight of the neglected child was “heavy on the heart”.

The child had no clothes and was in a troubled condition.

“There were no toiletries in the house and the conditions were unsanitary,” she said.

“The girl was taken to a medical facility.”


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