Netflix: A New Remove From Row Button Will Be Available Inside The Netflix Application For Android

Netflix: A New Remove From Row Button Will Be Available Inside The Netflix Application For Android

The Netflix Continue Watching record is getting the feature you have always desired, the ability to edit the file and remove the displays you don’t plan on revisiting.

A brand new Eliminate from Row button will be available within the Netflix application for Android when picking a name.

  • The attribute will roll up to iPhone users following week. It is unclear whether the internet edition will see the same upgrade of Netflix.

Not everything running on the streaming service is well worth watching, as good as Netflix is to have around. Luckily, you’re in control of the playlist, and you can choose when to stop watching a film or TV show that you can’t digest.

However, Netflix will keep remembering that you haven’t finished it, and the title will still stick around in that Continue Watching menu that lets you quickly resume playback of all the names you never completed.

And of course that it may also email to remind you which you have not finished specific displays. The continue watching feature is a performance in any streaming service, and Disney+ is the ideal example of this.

  • The service only allowed it’s own continued viewing feature weeks after the official launch, making it a lot easier for some customers to keep an eye on the progress.

The problem with Netflix’s continue seeing row is that the business does not allow you to eliminate titles from the listing. It’s like Netflix does not want to understand that you’ll never continue watching some of the movies and TV shows in this list Then Netflix only needs two moments to count your household as having seen a name. But Netflix will allow you to remove titles from the listing.

We have known for some time that Netflix was testing the functionality on Android, and that. As seen in the following screenshot, via The Verge, you’ll pick a title in the Continue Watching segment and then remove it. The menu that appears also lets you access information regarding the show, and the list of episodes if it is a TV series.

  • The Remove From Row menu option only appears on Android, regrettably. You won’t be able to edit the Continue Viewing row on the web edition of Netflix. iPhone will find the attribute.

But most people probably have Netflix installed in their smartphones and tablets, and that should be sufficient to allow them to handle the Continue Watching list. Netflix will quit reminding me after I yank them in the list that I never ended.

If there’s one thing you can perform on desktop, remove content from the Seeing Activity. Head on over to Your Account, choose your profile, then search for Seeing Activity. Click on View, and you’ll see a listing of all the things you’ve watched. You may opt to hide any of them out of your Activity, but that is not how to begin handling your Netflix queues.


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