Netflix rolls out new gaming service to Android users

Netflix launches its new video game service for users with Android devices.

Netflix Games is rolling out today to all customers using an Android mobile device.

The new service, which enables Netflix subscribers to play mobile games, will include two titles based on the Stranger Things series of the streaming service. However, not all games will be based on the Netflix shows and three other casual games will also be made available.

Mike Verdu, vice president of game development at Netflix, said, “Just like our series, films and specials, we aim to develop games for every level of play and every type of player, from beginners to lifelong gamers.

“We look forward to further improving our mobile gaming experience and expanding our entertainment offering in the coming months.”

Existing Netflix users do not have to pay any additional fees to use the service and no in-app purchases or advertisements are made.

All users will eventually see games listed in the Netflix app on Android and then be instructed to download the games from the Google Play Store. They will then appear in the Netflix app and on your device’s home screen.

The games will not be available on profiles for children.

The global market launch takes place after tests in several countries.


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