Netflix subscriptions soar ahead after millions of new viewers sign up

Streaming giant Netflix has more than 203 million subscribers worldwide after adding 8.5 million new customers between October and December.

Netflix Annual sales were £ 18.3 billion, up 24 percent from a year earlier, according to a quarterly letter to shareholders.

Because of its subscriber numbers, it is by far the most popular streaming platform in an increasingly competitive market with its closest rival Disney + reached 86.8 million subscribers worldwide in December.

The California-based company said the final fourth season of The Crown was its most successful of all time, and more than 100 million households have seen the drama since its inception.

Raunchy’s saga of the time, Bridgerton, has proven to be “immensely popular,” Netflix said, promising “exciting news” about the show later this week.

The biggest movie of the fourth quarter, according to Netflix, was George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky. An estimated 72 million households watched the film in the first four weeks.

Netflix also praised the crowded streaming market with a nod to competitors, saying, “It’s a great time to be a consumer of entertainment. There are a variety of options ranging from linear television to video games to user-generated content on YouTube and TikTok are enough.

“We continue to work hard to increase our small amount of screen time over these big competitors.”

Netflix added, “Our strategy is simple: If we can keep improving Netflix every day to better delight our members, we can be their first choice for streaming entertainment.

“The past year is proof of this approach. Disney + had a massive first year (87 million paid subscribers!) And we had the biggest year of paid membership growth in our history. “

Netflix was founded in 1997 and initially sold and rented DVDs through the mail. Growth skyrocketed from 2013 after the company started investing in its own content.


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