New Chromecast With Google TV Should Come Out In 2022

Chromecast: Google is preparing to launch a new version of Chromecast with Google TV still for 2022. The information is from the website 9to5 Google, which confirmed the existence of the device with internal sources.

According to the publication, the device exists under the Boreal code, which would be from the same family as the Sabrina code, used in the last generation of Chromecast. The product is an Android device that uses the same software as the previous version of the device, released in September 2020.

So far, there is no official confirmation about the existence of the model or technical specifications, not even a possible release date. The use of a different codename, however, raises suspicions that this update could be bigger than just the storage or processor, for example.

However, it is expected that this new generation will support the AV1 format, whose main feature is better compression of online videos and, consequently, reduced network consumption during content transmission. This technology is already expected in recent models with Android TV.

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