New classics are added to Nintendo Switch Online

New classics are added to Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch Online library, which includes retro games, continues to expand with new games. Among the games added in September, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest stands out first. Donkey Kong Country, the predecessor of the 1995 game, was also added to Nintendo Switch Online last July.

Another remarkable option among new games is Mario’s Super Picross. Released in 1995, the SNES game was not released in countries such as the USA. The game later met with players on platforms such as Wii and Wii U.

Nintendo did not neglect to post an instructional video for those who have not played Picross before. You can watch the video that helps understand the gameplay of Mario’s Super Picross here.

Two other new games added to the Nintendo Switch Online library are The Peace Keepers, published by Jaleco for SNES in 1993, and S.C.A.T .: Special Cybernetic Attack Team, released by Natsume for NES in 1990. All four games will be available on Nintendo Switch Online as of September 23. Thus, the total number of games in the library will increase to 90.


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