New Feature From Facebook: All Audio Services In One Place!

Live sound rooms, podcasts, and short audio formats, all combined in one place on the Facebook app.

facebook has gathered all the audio features it hosts in one place. In the new ‘Sound’ (Audio) tab, which is accessible to mobile users; Live sound rooms, podcast and short audio formats combined. Until now, these formats had custom fields on the platform. Users can now find their favorite creators in the Audio tab.

The new Audio tab is in the pilot phase for Android and iOS users 18 and older. Update the mobile app, facebook Added ‘Audio’ to the top of the Watching section. The tab, which is currently available to members in the US, is expected to come to other countries in the coming days.

There will be special suggestions for you in the Facebook Audio section

facebook talked about its purpose in developing the ‘Audio’ tab. He said it will be easier for users to find content creators they love. Likewise, he underlined that content producers can more easily engage their listeners. Once launched, the “Audio” section will show you the content shared by the accounts you currently follow.

New Feature From Facebook: All Audio Services In One Place! 1
Facebook Audio tab added to the app

If you want, you can like, comment and save the content you like. facebook will make personalized recommendations based on the accounts and shares you follow. It will also recommend content producers whose popularity is increasing on the platform. As your interaction increases, the application’s algorithm gets to know you better and adjusts the suggestions accordingly.

Facebook develops TikTok rival Soundbites feature

facebook has become a formidable competitor to the TikTok platform with his Instagram roles function. It even integrated Reels into the main app in September. The company is also working on its Soundbites service, which will allow users to record and share short audio clips via the news feed. In a nutshell, this will be the voice-based version of Reels.

How successful do you think? facebook competes with other platforms? Do you use the services it develops? Don’t forget to write your comments on this topic in the box below.

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