New Features Added to GeForce Now with New Games

New Features Added to GeForce Now with New Games

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming platform GeForce Now has added various new features along with some new games. The most striking of these features was that GeForce Now finally got ChromeOS support.

Cloud gaming platform GeForce Now has added ChromeOS to its supported operating systems. In addition, NVIDIA’s game capture software Ansel has been added to the platform as well as various new games.

Among the 10 new games added to the GeForce Now library, there are recently released games such as Star Renegades, as well as games such as Where The Water Tastes Like Wine and Railyway Empire, distributed free of charge by Epic Games this week.

Expanding GeForce Now library

Along with the games Epic Games gives free of charge every week, GeForce Now continues to expand its library by adding them to its library. The new games added to the platform are as follows;

Star Renegades
Railway Empire
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Dungeon of the Endless – Crystal Edition
Endless Legend – Emperor Edition
Pro Cycling Manager 2019
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (UPlay)
Endless Space 2

Another new feature to the platform is that Chromebook users can sync their Steam libraries to GeForce Now. This feature was available on PC and macOS. Another feature brought to the Chromebook was Game Ready Driver support. In other words, ChromeOS users will also be able to benefit from features such as ray tracing technology and DLSS 2.0.

However, another feature brought to the platform was Ansel, which we mentioned above. GeForce Now members will be able to take quality photos from their games and share them in various ways. The image right above is a screenshot from GeForce Now’s A Plague Tale: Innocence game. Also, thanks to Ansel, you can stop your game completely, move the camera, and even add filters.


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