New information about Blackberry 5G

BlackBerry has long been quietly planning to launch a new push-button phone in 2021. New information with the release date, price and features of the new 5G phone released by BlackBerry is slowly coming to light.

BlackBerry 5G is not designed by the original team

It will not be made by the original BlackBerry developers who sell their mobile patents on their phone and mainly enter the market for making smart cars and security technology. Instead, OnwardMobility, which acquired the company, is taking over the build of the phone. The company is committed to working with Nokia, Xiaomi and Foxconn on a new BlackBerry.

The phone, which has not yet received pricing information, is expected to be around $ 649. It was indicated that the price could be higher due to the use of a different production process. OnwardMobility also stated in a press release that the phone will be built under strict rules to ensure the integrity of its components, device and supply chain. This is believed to help provide a high level of security for large businesses.

“More than half of the world’s population now owns smartphones, so the market is huge,” said Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility. But we want to fill the gap in the ultra-secure and productivity-focused smartphone that can meet the needs of business users, government users and security-conscious consumers.

In addition to having 5G support, the phone is said to have Android operating system as well. But whether it is Android 11 or an older version is another problem that is confusing. Additionally, the phone, which will feature a physical keyboard, has set its sights on appealing to longtime BlackBerry fans. As for the battery, the BlackBerry 5G is expected to use a 6000 mAh battery and Moto G9 Power with a battery life of two days. Finally, it is expected that the new BlackBerry applications will run quickly and have the necessary functions to avoid file storage problems.

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