New launch date from Nokia: 9.3 and G10 coming?

Nokia has announced a new launch date on its official website. In fact, Nokia has no idea about this action. However, it is possible that Nokia phone models, details of which have been recently revealed, may appear in the first week of April.

Which Nokia phone models will Nokia introduce at launch?

Nokia wants to quickly enter 2021 with its online promotion in the first week of April. In fact, the company introduced three mid- and entry-level models at the beginning of the year.

The announcement of this new promotion on the official site raised the expectations of Nokia users.

Nokia will release this new launch on April 8th. According to allegations, HMD Global will introduce the highly anticipated model Nokia 9.3 and G10 with this launch.

The Nokia G10 will be the first model released by the brand in the gaming phone class. However, we must not forget that this model will appeal to the middle segment.

In this sense, some leaks have also emerged regarding the Nokia G10 processor, although this is unofficial. According to this claim, the model will feature a Snapdragon 775 G processor.


Of the phone models that excite Nokia users, 9.3 is the top. The smartphone, which is expected to be the company’s new flagship, will also be ambitious in terms of camera. Accordingly, the flagship will come with five rear cameras, a Carl Zeiss lens and PureView technology.

Although these cameras are not entirely clear, they claim an ultra-wide angle camera of 108 Megapixels and a main camera with a resolution of 64 Megapixels.

On the processor side of the flagship, there is a possibility that it will not come with the Snapdragon 888. The Finnish company, which recently entered the agenda with major layoffs, wants to cut costs. In that sense, the Nokia 9.3 phone can have a Snapdragon 870 processor.

According to Nokia Anew’s claim, the company used graphene-based cooling in the Nokia 9.3 PureView. Nokia has many patents on this technology. This new cooling technology also has important thermal conductivity characteristics.

Accordingly, a film with a thickness of 20 microns on graphene has a thermal conductivity of 1600 W / mk. These rivals, this copper, has four times its thermal conductivity and about seven times that of aluminum.

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