New minister needed to tackle chronic shortage of workers and goods supply, says Labour

Labor urges the government to appoint a minister responsible for addressing labor shortages and shortages of goods in order to tackle the current “chaos and disruption” affecting businesses.

The opposition warned that the UK’s economic recovery was in jeopardy as business groups continued to report problems recruiting skilled workers and sourcing goods and raw materials.

Labor added that around 250,000 manufacturing and retailing companies have suffered additional costs due to additional transportation costs.

The party called for the appointment of a minister with particular responsibility for addressing the “supply chain crisis”, a hiring support task force and 100,000 new apprentices this fiscal year to help boost employment in economic sectors.

Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband said, “The government needs to get a grip on the supply chain crisis our economy is facing. While pretending the problem will resolve itself, corporations are telling the government that these problems will only increase.

“Ministers have a habit of ignoring warnings and putting the blame on companies, but they are undermining our country’s qualification system, failing to keep promises to break down barriers that companies face and believing in an insecure job market with poor conditions.” and conditions that caused this crisis.

“The long-term problems in the truck sector are not solved by longer working hours for drivers, but by training and improving working conditions.

“What we are seeing across our economy should be a wake up call to the government that insecurity and low wages cannot build the high performing economy we need.

“It is time the Prime Minister took this situation seriously and appointed a minister who would work across the government and develop a clear plan with businesses and unions to improve wages and conditions in key sectors.”

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