New product from Xiaomi: Portable juicer

In addition to being a smartphone brand, Xiaomi, that we are used to hearing with its various ecosystem products; launched the new product of the smart home appliance brand MIJIA, the portable juicer. The fact that the product is portable and promoted at an affordable price is appreciated by many users.

Xiaomi introduced its new portable juicer

Xiaomi recently unveiled its MIJIA branded portable juicer at Jingdong Mall in China. The product with a volume of 300 ml; There is a material thickened from the use of Tritan in the part that comes into contact with food.

The portable juicer, which is reported to be able to extract 12 glasses of juice on a single charge, has a 1300 mAh lithium battery. The product, which works for 35 seconds and closes automatically, squeezes all the fruit during this period. It also comes with multiple security features.

The Xiaomi portable juicer has a 45W motor that can reach a maximum speed of 18,000rpm to separate the juice from the sediment and crush the fruits quickly. The resulting fruit juice contains less than 6 percent residue. The juicer also uses four stainless steel blades. There is also a USB-C input to charge the product.

The MIJIA portable juicer has an IPx6 water resistance which means that all parts can be washed under water. In addition, the device has a self-cleaning function. To use this function, you need to add water to the appliance and press the power button twice.

The product is currently on presale in China and costs 99 yuan (about $ 15). It is expected to go on sale on April 2, first in China and then around the world.

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