Home Tech New rulings from the court in the Apple-Epic Games fight

New rulings from the court in the Apple-Epic Games fight

New rulings from the court in the Apple-Epic Games fight

In the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, which began due to App Store policies, the pilot phase will begin next year. However, a new court decision came before the trial.

According to Bloomberg news; The judge of the case, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, rejected Epic’s order to return Apple to Fortnite. However, the earlier decision that Apple could not block the Unreal Engine, which is owned by Epic, has not changed. In short, the court made one positive and one negative decision for both parties.

Gonzalez Rogers explained his decision, saying, “I sympathize with players struggling to play Fortnite on iOS. However, there is a clear public interest for the parties to comply with their written agreements or to resolve their disputes through normal channels. “

On the subject of Unreal Engine, it was argued that a potential obstacle from Apple would wreak havoc on other developers and therefore Apple should not make such an attempt.

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store after Epic Games directed players to its own site for in-game purchases instead of the App Store. Following this decision, Epic worked with other companies against Apple’s 30 percent cut policy. During this period, Apple and Epic Games have also filed suit against each other.

Apple’s statement on this topic makes the following statements: “Our customers trust the App Store to be a secure platform, where all developers follow the same rules. We are pleased that the court recognized that Epic’s actions were not in the best interests of its customers. The App Store is an economic miracle that has been going on for 12 years. It creates transformative business opportunities for developers of all sizes. We look forward to sharing this legacy of innovation and dynamism in court next year. “



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