New Samsung Galaxy Devices Will Be Made From Recycled Plastic Nets

Samsung Galaxy: Technology manufacturers are clear: the future is built on recycled material. There are many who have committed themselves in one way or another to the environment and increasingly make their products with recycled materials. And Samsung is no less, something that it demonstrates by manufacturing its next devices with recycled fishing nets.

Plastic parts in Samsung devices will be recycled

It is a fact that many materials are needed to make an electronic device. Plastic, lithium or metal are some of them and are basic to make the pieces that make up the final product. Fortunately, there are some that do not need a laborious extraction and refining process to obtain them, but other methods are used with which it is possible to derive one product from another.

This is on a small scale what the recycling process details and it is what Samsung is doing to create its new mobile devices. The company has its way of contributing to progress while respecting the environment and one of those ways is to collect used fishing nets to turn them into their phone cases.

This represents a very important leap for the company, which will be able to build its devices with recycled material. The firm informs users that each year some 640,000 tons of fishing nets are thrown away or abandoned, a very high number that not only represents a problem of garbage on the surface, but also damage to marine flora and fauna in the event that they are left on the high seas. Being made of plastic, these last for years and years before they degrade, which is a much more serious problem than it seems.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be built with recycled materials

Samsung has not stopped there giving details about how good this measure will be the contribution to the environment. What has drawn attention is that in its statement it has stated that “Samsung will incorporate reused ocean plastics throughout its product line, starting with our new Galaxy devices that will be revealed on February 9 at Unpacked.”

For this reason we are talking about the new devices of the Korean firm will be made with recycled plastic, which will be the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Tab S8 family.

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