New York leaders look at harrowing week ahead

“I know we are under attack,” said Cuomo on Sunday. He had denounced the possibility of mandatory quarantine, which he called “really panicked people,” but he said he supported the advisory measure.

“This is not a lock. It’s a travel tip, ”said the governor about the CDC directive. “It is completely in line with everything we do and I support what the President has done.”

A nationwide shutdown order requiring all nonessential companies to be closed has been extended to at least April 15.

Rhode Island too withdrawn his own travel restrictions for New Yorkers, the repeal of a state-based executive ordinance and its replacement with an order that quarantines visitors from the other 49 states.

State governor Gina Raimondo announced on Friday that the Rhode Island police would overhaul drivers with New York license plates and force them to self-quarantine for 14 days. Cuomo quickly denounced politics and threatened to sue.

“I don’t think the order was requested, I don’t think it was legal, I don’t think it was neighborly,” said Cuomo on Sunday after speaking to his counterpart in Rhode Island and receiving the assurance that the command would do so.

Rhode Island new order does not highlight a state. “Anyone who comes to Rhode Island from another state for a non-work purpose must immediately quarantine for 14 days,” it says. “This quarantine restriction does not apply to public health, public security, or healthcare workers.”

“Since the dates have changed,” said Raimondo on Sunday, “the situation has changed. Unfortunately the infection rate that we see in New York City – unfortunately we see the same infection rate in other places, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey etc. ”

The previous Sunday, de Blasio said travel restrictions weren’t helpful, but added that the problem wasn’t his main concern.

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