'New York Times is making up words for Wordle' – players fume at latest solution

If the New York Times has heard complaints Wordle is harder since they took it over, it is showing no intention of dumbing down the popular online word game.

No spoilers until further down this article, but today’s solution has once again sparked twitter indignation with furious players wondering if the five-letter answer is even a word.

It is, of course, a word, but it’s not something that would trip off the tongue for many people.

The free-to-play viral puzzle game moved to the New York Times’ website after the media group bought the creation from USA based British software engineer Josh Wardle for a seven-figure sum.

Users can still play by heading to Wordle’s original website -powerlanguage.co.uk – but are then redirected to the New York Times.

Many users were baffled by today’s solution.

Arham tweeted: “At this point the New York Times is just making up words.”

Twitter user Meera Mosa said: “For 24 years I have spoken English and never have I heard or read this [word].

While FS @ButFaline said: “I have never ever heard that word. This is so unfair.”

Spoilers below the picture:

Today’s solution was CAULK, which is a waterproof filler and sealant, used in building work and repairs.

Some players of the game were quick to highlight their skills, and their bafflement that some people didn’t know what it means.

Paul Bridgewater tweeted: “Is caulk really a word people don’t know? Have I just spent way too much time in B&Q?

Kevin tweeted: “Used to sell this stuff by the pallet load. I have lots of experience handling caulk.”

Ghufran Bashir said: “CYNIC? ULCER? CAULK?? NYT [New York Times] is taking the charm out of game :(“

While Ed McGuinness joked: “Just caulk it up as a learning point.”

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