New Zealand on tsunami alert after earthquake – updates

In New Zealand, a tsunami warning was issued after an earthquake east of the North Island in the Pacific.

Preliminary data suggest the quake has a magnitude of 7.3 and the New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency and GNS Science are investigating whether a tsunami has occurred.

The agency has asked people near the coast to move immediately to the nearest hill or as far inland as possible and stay there until the civil defense gives an official all-clear.

On the website of the National Emergency Management Agency it says: “The National Emergency Management Agency and GNS Science are examining whether the earthquake M7.3 EAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND on 03/01/2021 at 02:27 a.m. triggered a tsunami that broke out could affect New Zealand.

“LONG OR STRONG, GET GONE: People near the coast who felt a long or strong earthquake that made it difficult to get up or took longer than a minute should IMMEDIATELY move out of all tsunami evacuation zones to the next hill. Or as far as possible inland.

“This evacuation notice has priority over the current requirements for the COVID-19 alert level. Do not stay at home if you are near the coast and felt the earthquake LONG or STRONG. Evacuate immediately to the nearest hill, from all tsunami Evacuation zones or as far inland as possible, stay 2 meters away from others if you can and this is safe.

“Don’t come back until the civil defense has given an official all-clear.

“Walk, run or cycle when you can to reduce the chance of getting stuck in traffic jams.

“If a tsunami has been triggered, the first wave may not be the most significant. The tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat will be real until this warning is lifted.

“People in coastal areas should:

  • Follow the “Long OR Strong, Walk Away” instructions above
  • Listen to the radio and / or television for updates and NZCivilDefence Twitter
  • Listen to the local civil protection authorities
  • Stay away from water (ocean, rivers, and estuaries, including boats)
  • Stay away from beaches and coastal areas
  • Don’t go on a sightseeing tour
  • Share this information with family, neighbors, and friends

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