NHL postpones international games planned for 2020-21 season

NHL postpones international games planned for 2020-21 season

NHL postpones international games planned for 2020-21 season 1

The NHL postponed the Global Series games that it had planned for next season, but postponed the season opener 2020-21 between the Boston Bruins and Nashville Predators in Prague, Czech Republic in October, but did not rearrange them, as well as two games between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Colorado Avalanche to be played in Helsinki, Finland.

The NHL and NHL Players’ Assn. issued a joint statement on Friday saying that the games had been postponed, but they did not explain.

“The NHLPA and NHL remain committed to maintaining and expanding our international presence,” the statement said. “We hope our overseas fans understand the need to postpone the 2020 games, but we look forward to being with them again in 2021.”

The league and the union are debating whether they can complete the 2019-20 season within health and safety restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Most options under consideration will extend the league to September or later, whether that means ending the regular season before starting the Stanley Cup playoffs or having the league and league decide to play again. start with the playoffs.

An extensive playoff field with 24 teams of teams in four ‘hub’ cities seems to have become the preferred option, but league officials have repeatedly said that no decisions have been made due to the changeable nature of current public health rules.

Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto are known to have promoted their respective NHL candidacy to host games in Canada. Columbus is touted as a potential US site due to the availability of practice areas and hotel rooms to house players and teams.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has said he will be open for the 2020-21 season in December if it allows to complete the current interrupted season and win the Stanley Cup.


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