NHS website crashes as under-50s invited to book a Covid jab

The NHS website for booking vaccination appointments crashed Tuesday morning after people over 45 received a sting.

A message posted on the website said: “The NHS website is currently experiencing technical problems.

“We are working to solve these problems. Thanks for your patience.”

Other users said they were queued with a hold screen that said, “You are in a queue. Lots of people try to book an appointment. “

People over 45 can now book their Covid-19 jab.

The NHS booking website has been updated to allow people 45 and over to book a vaccine.

It is the beginning of “Phase 2” of the vaccination program, in which healthy adults under the age of 50 are vaccinated.

So far, the NHS in England has focused on providing vaccines to those at the highest risk, including those over the age of 50 and those classified as “extremely clinically at risk”.

Chris Hopson, executive director of NHS Providers, said that despite the success of vaccine adoption in the UK, people should not assume that the country is on a “one-sided, unstoppable, inevitable path where everything is fantastic”.

“I know the day after we started allowing people to return to the pub garden, I might sound a bit like a prophet of doom, but the reality is that there are … really good reasons why we have to be careful here, “he told Sky News.

“We have to be really careful assuming that we are on an unstoppable, inevitable path where everything is fantastic and we can get back to normal because we actually need a new normal.”

He added, “We need everyone to put their own personal pedal on the metal and make sure they follow the rules.”


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