Nice terrorist sent grinning selfie to family hours before he killed 3 people

The Nice terrorist grins in a selfie he sent to his family in Tunisia a few hours before three people died.

The 21-year-old Brahim Aoussaoui was standing in front of a full-length mirror in a shop and showing the new clothes he had just bought with the snapshot.

He was wearing the same equipment – sneakers, ripped blue jeans, and a red puffa jacket – when he attacked the three churchgoers and beheaded one of them.

Family members posted several pictures to show how “normal” Aoussaoui’s behavior was before the attack.

His older brother Yassin, 38, said: “With the money he earned from harvesting olives in Italy, he bought new clothes and a mobile phone in France.

“He was very proud of his new clothes and wanted to show us that he was fine.

“Brahim said he wanted to go to Europe to make money to buy a car.”

Yassin added, “He made a lot of calls the night before the attack. He called us, family, and friends.

“He phoned for hours and assured us that everything was fine. He said he met an Arab man who helped him get on his feet in France. “

The anti-terrorist police have held six people in custody in connection with the attack.

Nice terrorist sent grinning selfie to family hours before he killed 3 people 1

They are trying to determine if they helped Aouissaoui carry out his terrible crime.

The blood of the victim Simone Baretto Silva was visible in front of the Notre Dame Basilica yesterday.

Aoussaoui stabbed the mother of three children, 44, beheaded 60-year-old Nadine Devillers and cut the throat of the church warden Vincent Loques (54) on Thursday morning.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said yesterday that he “clearly” came to France to kill.

He said: “He was only present on the state territory for a few hours. He obviously came there to kill.

“How else to explain why he armed himself with several knives after he barely arrived.”


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