Nick Kristof booted off Oregon ballot, vows appeal

He also said he would not stop campaigning while appealing the decision.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist announced last year that he was running in the Democratic primary to replace tenured Democratic governor Kate Brown. He left his post with the New York Times in mid-October before officially submitting his application two weeks later.

Even before he officially launched his campaign, Kristof tried to put the challenges of his residence aside. Lawyers, the Kristof. represent argued last year that he kept his state of residence and “considered Oregon his home at all times” despite choosing 2020 in New York and spending much time out of state. His campaign made an extensive argument against State election officials earlier this week that echo.

Fagan said the entirety of the evidence – including the fact that Kristof raised his children and had issued a driver’s license – suggests electoral analysts that his Oregon-based claim “simply fails the odor test.”

Kristof called the decision to cast him off the ballot a “political decision, not a law-based one,” and repeatedly said that the “political establishment” in the state rejected his candidacy. Kristof said former Oregon Secretary of State backed his claims of being on the ballot.

The state constitution requires that candidates for governor must have been “resident in that state” for three years prior to the election.

The field to replace Brown is crowded despite Kristof’s apparent disqualification. State House spokeswoman Tina Kotek and State Treasurer Tobias Read are likely the two biggest names in a jam-packed Democratic primary. Also on Thursday, Kotek announced her resignation from the state parliament Later that month focus on their campaign.

Republicans also have a busy field that includes former State House minority leader Christine Drazan and 2016 nominee Bud Pierce. Democrats have won every Oregon governor election since 1986.

Kristof had left his opponents far behind in fundraising. At the end of last year he said he had grown up over $ 2.5 million for his campaign. The submission deadline for primary school, May 17th, is March 8th.

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