Nicki Minaj Captions & Quotes [Lyrics/Picture]

Nicki Minaj captions & quotes are the perfect way to add some humor and spice to your photos. Whether you’re a Nicki Minaj fan or just looking for a way to add some fun and personality to your Instagram and Facebook photos, these captions are perfect for you! With Nicki Minaj captions & quotes, you can be sure that your photos will be getting tons of likes and comments – making them even more memorable!


Nicki Minaj Captions

Nicki Minaj Captions

Nicki Minaj captions for the win! Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, you’ll agree that her captions are always on point. In this post, we’ve collected some of our favorite Nicki Minaj captions and put them in a fun and user-friendly gallery so you can enjoy them anytime you want. From witty to zany, these captions are sure to make you laugh!

  1. “I’m throwing shade like it’s sunny.”
  2. “If you are my rival, then that means you’re suicidal.”
  3. “These (girls) couldn’t test me even if their name was Pop Quiz.”
  4. “I’m in my own lane, you ain’t in my category.”
  5. “I’m Angelina, you Jennifer. Come on (girl), you see where Brad at.”
  6. “But if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone.”
  7. “Like I mean I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point. Like give up, it’s me, I win, you lose.”
  8. “Competition? why yes I would love some.”
  9. “Shout out to my haters, Sorry that you couldn’t faze me.”
  10. “All these haters mad because I’m so established.”
  11. “You couldn’t get a fan if it was hanging’ from the ceilin .”
  12. “Yo, people will love you and support you when it’s beneficial. I’ma forgive, I won’t forget, but I’ma dead the issue.”
  13. “Trash talk to ’em then I put ’em in a Hefty.”
  14. “Not that I don’t got good vision, but I don’t see competition.”
  15. “I look like “yes” and you look like “no”.”

Nicki Minaj Instagram Captions

nicki minaj instagram captions

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular and influential female rappers in the world today. Her music and unique style has won her a large following on Instagram, where she posts a range of interesting and entertaining captions. If you’re looking for inspiration to add some fun and new personality to your Instagram account, check out some of Nicki’s best ideas. From clever jokes to hilarious pictures of her dog, these captions will have you laughing out loud!

  1. “Hotter than a middle eastern climate.”
  2. “I’m feelin’ myself.”
  3. “Honestly I gotta stay as fly as I can be.”
  4. “I’ve been hot since flip phones” “Running this game for 5 years. Guess that’s why my feet hurt.”
  5. “‘X’ in the box, cause ain’t nobody checking me.”
  6. “I don’t say “Hi,” I say “Keys to the Benz.””
  7. “Excuse me honey, but nobody’s in my lane.”
  8. “My money’s so tall that my Barbies gotta climb it.”
  9. “I ain’t gotta compete with a single soul.”
  10. “Let me make this clear, I’m not difficult, I’m just ’bout my business.”
  11. “If I’m fake I ain’t notice, cause my money ain’t.”
  12. “You can hate me, but why knock my hustle? I’ma be the queen, no matter how they shuffle.”
  13. “Put me on a dollar cause I’m who they trust in.”
  14. “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes.”
  15. “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m really such a lady.”

Nicki Minaj Lyrics for Instagram Captions

nicki minaj lyrics for instagram captions
  1. “I ain’t never need a man to take care of me.”
  2. “Frontin’ like he got a plan, Boost Mobile ass nigga.”
  3. “Women should be allowed to be as hardcore and sexual as we want because men do it all the time.”
  4. “My wigs are ever changing in height, width, color, size. They make me feel happy. Wearing them makes me feel like I can be a different person every day and that is kind of exciting.”
  5. “Stay in school. Don’t ever be lazy, don’t you ever complain about hard work. Work hard, it pays off.”
  6. “If it was a record, it would have been classic.”
  7. “When you’re a girl you have to be everything. You have to be dope at what you do but you have to be super-sweet. And you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that, and you have to be nice. It’s like, I can’t be all those things at once. I’m a human being.”
  8. “Refuse to lose, Refuse to be defeated, Refuse to have regrets.”
  9. “No i’m not lucky, i’m blessed.”
  10. “When I win and when I lose, I take ownership of it, because I really am in charge of what I do.”
  11. “I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”
  12. “If I wasn’t winning, you wouldn’t care.”
  13. “Cherish these nights, cherish these people.”
  14. “When a good girl’s gone, she’s gone forever.”
  15. “Haters, i’m not your enemy i’m your hero. Cheer up, you should be happy i’m here.”

Nicki Minaj Picture Quotes

nicki minaj pictures quotes
  1. “I came to win, to conquer, to thrive”
  2. “I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive”
  3. “My legacy could never be undone.”
  4. “Tell them hoes, that it’s crunch time”
  5. “I have never gonna let anyone pull me down and make me feel small.”
  6. “This is my moment I just feel so alive.”
  7. “If you don’t have critics, you probably don’t have success either.”
  8. “Like, I mean I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point. Like, give it up. It’s me. I win and you lose.”
  9. “I get what I desire, it’s my empire”
  10. “Don’t chase the boys. Don’t depend on anybody. Do your thing.”
  11. “I be supportin’ them scholars.”
  12. “I truly believe my haters are my motivators.”
  13. “So young and naive to think you were the one who had came to take claim of this heart.”
  14. “If your girl don’t get it poppin’, put me on your wishlist”
  15. “There’s always gonna be evil people in the world who just do negative s**t.”
  16. “I’m the trophy of the game, everybody tryna win me.”
  17. “Don’t stay watching happiness, make it.”

Nicki Minaj Quotes Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Quotes Lyrics

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular and controversial artists in the world today. Her songs are filled with witty and thought-provoking lyrics that often reflect her personal experiences. Here are some of the best Nicki Minaj quotes lyrics that will inspire you to live your best life.

  1. “Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel.”
  2. “If you ain’t on the team, you playin’ for team D, ‘Cause we A-listers, we paid sisters.”
  3. “Pretty gang, always keep them (boys) on geek.”
  4. “Ain’t at no wedding but all my girls cake tops.”
  5. “We fresh to death, down to the shoes.”
  6. “Put your drinks up, It’s a celebration every time we link up.”
  7. “The night is still young, and so are we!”
  8. “Pretty (girls) only could get in my posse.”
  9. “Clap for the heavyweight champ, me, But I couldn’t do it all alone, WE.”
  10. “Got a whole bunch of pretty gang in my clique.”
  11. “Cause we the mean girls, y-yes we so fetch.”
  12. “I’m with some flawless (girls) because they be mobbin’ pretty.”
  13. “We dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this.”
  14. “I’m with some hood girls lookin’ back at i”
  15. “You got spark, you, you got spunk. You, you got something all the girls want.”

Nicki Minaj Savage Lyrics

nicki minaj savage lyrics
  1. “Who I wanna represent? nobody. 99% of them is nobody.”
  2. “If you can’t handle my worst, you ain’t getting my best”
  3. “You have to know that as long as you love who you are — your morals, your values, that type of stuff, you’re ok.”
  4. “You could be the king but watch the queen conquer.”
  5. “I’m just playin but I’m sayin”
  6. “We all have insecurities, but you have to know you’re beautiful.”
  7. “I have never gonna let anyone pull me down and make me feel small.”
  8. “People will love you and support you when it’s beneficial.”
  9. “True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no need to hate.”
  10. “Not that I don’t got good vision, but I don’t see competition.”
  11. “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes.”
  12. “You got my heartbeat running away.”
  13. “Take me, or leave me, I’ll never be perfect. Believe me, I’m worth it.”
  14. “And yes I call the shots, it’s my empire”
  15. “We dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this.”

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