Nigerian boat splits and sinks as 100 people feared dead and dozens missing

More than 100 people feared dead after a 160-passenger boat split and sank in Nigeria.

Around 160 passengers were on board the ship when it sank in Niger, local media reported.

Only 22 survivors and one body were recovered, leaving 140 people unreported, a local official said.

Most of the passengers on board were women and children, the BBC reported.

Divers try to find survivors in the water, but hopes are not high.

Abdullahi Buhari Wara, administrative director of Ngaski District, said Daily trust: “A rescue operation is under way, but only 22 survivors and one body have been recovered.

“We’re talking about 140 passengers who are still missing.”

Mr Wara claimed the boat was severely overloaded and had twice the maximum passenger capacity.

The ship was also loaded with sandbags from a gold mine, he added.

The river tragedy is the second to hit the region this month after thirty people drowned when an overloaded boat capsized in the Nigerian state. The ship had split in two when it struck a tree stump during a storm.

At that time the boat had 100 people on board.

Boat capsizing are common in Nigerian waterways due to overcrowding and lack of maintenance, especially during the annual rainy season, reports TRT world.

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