Nightclub tickets in Ireland 'will have to be booked at least an hour in advance'

According to the new Covid regulations in Ireland, night club tickets must be booked at least an hour in advance on a new electronic ticketing system in order to control cases

Irish night clubs will be forced to adopt electronic ticket systems (

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Tickets for nightclubs in Ireland must “be booked at least one hour in advance according to the new Covid-19 regulations”.

New regulations are introducing an electronic ticket system in Ireland’s nightlife, which requires party-goers to register in advance to avoid spontaneous evenings.

The new rules for Ireland’s night economy are expected to be released next Thursday.

Pub and late night industry officials met with government officials Tuesday morning to discuss the changes.

This presents a difficult situation as venues wanting to open need to have a ticket system in place that needs to be up and running by Thursday evening.

Clubbers must book tickets at least one hour in advance


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Initial guidelines for nightclubs were released by the Irish government on Friday evening, just before the clubs reopened for the first time in almost 600 days.

The guidelines state that in addition to a Covid certificate and ID, each participant needs a ticket that has been purchased in advance.

Even so, some details still need to be cleared between government and industry.

At Tuesday’s meeting, industry officials called for the rollout of the new rules to be postponed for two weeks to give them time to prepare.

Government officials said at the meeting that only ticket holders should be allowed to queue at nightclubs.

However, concerns have already been expressed about the impact of the rules on night service.

Sunil Sharpe of the Give Us The Night campaign said, “At club promoters and events, many of them have moved to ticketing events, particularly in the last five years. But in any case, they always had the advantage that the walk-up crowd is really important, especially when we go into the winter. “

He said many entertainment providers and the public could cross the border into Ireland instead.

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“It’s anti-competitive. It’s going to be really difficult for the hospitality industry and entertainment and nightlife venues to manage. We could lose a significant number of visitors.”

“There are a lot of logistical problems,” he added.

“We haven’t really seen the final guidelines yet. We’ve all given our feedback,” he told RTE Radio after the meeting on Tuesday.

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