Nine coronavirus cases tied to Trump Minnesota rally

Nine coronavirus cases tied to Trump Minnesota rally

At least one person was likely contagious during the rally, the department said.

Two other people infected with the virus said they took part in a protest in response to the rally.

The announcement was designed to take a closer look at the type of large, mostly maskless gatherings that the Trump campaign has continued throughout the spread of the pandemic.

However, they are unlikely to be stopped. The announcement of cases in Minnesota came as Trump, recovering from Covid-19 infection, prepared to resume rallies. His campaign announced on Friday that he would speak in Sanford, Florida on Monday.

Joe Biden’s campaign and the Minnesota Democrats shed light on Trump after the news of the coronavirus cases.

“As Joe Biden said, the presidency is a duty of care,” said Andrew Bates, spokesman for the Biden campaign. “Donald Trump completely missed this duty and lied about this deadly threat to the American people from the start while mistreating the response.” – and willingly expose his own followers to the pandemic for his own visual gratification. “

Ken Martin, leader of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, said in a prepared statement: “It was only a matter of time before the dangerous, maskless campaign events of Donald Trump and the Minnesota Republicans landed Minnesotans in the hospital.”

Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman, questioned the possibility that the cases would be contracted at the rally. “Linking these cases to an outdoor event that happened three weeks ago and where hand sanitizer and face masks were supplied is a stretch,” he said. “We wish everyone a speedy recovery.”

Trump has fixated on Minnesota since narrowly losing the state in 2016. As a rare offensive opportunity for him on this year’s battlefield map, the Minnesota race appeared to be intensifying this summer. But Joe Biden is in a dominant position now, running around about 9 percentage points.

The Bemidji rally took place less than two weeks before Trump’s last rally on September 30th in Duluth, which health officials say will continue to be monitored.


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