Nintendo Announced Three Free SNES And NES Games For Nintendo

Nintendo announced three free SNES and NES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Donkey Kong Country, Natsume Championship Wrestling, and The Immortal will be free on July 15th.

It would be best if you had an active Switch Online subscription to play with the free classic games.

There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to its library of games such as Change Online readers to the time of the additions of Nintendo, but three games have been added after a two-month hiatus.

The highlight of this July additions is undoubtedly Donkey Kong Country, that was one of the best platformers ever published for the Super Nintendo and assisted put developer Rare about the map until they heyday of the N64.

It’s a good thing because the other games this month being added to the choice of free games will be the strangest of deep cuts that Nintendo picked a spectacular headliner. About the SNES, Natsume Championship Wrestling is an undercover wrestling game based on a transformation of an accredited wrestling game released in Japan. (Nintendo)

As for the NES, subscribers are getting The Immortal, that will be a dark fantasy adventure game that was made for the fifth-generation Apple II. Why we are getting these rather than the sequels to Donkey Kong Country is a mystery.

Following the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, Nintendo has let Sony and Microsoft dominate the headlines with information about their next-generation consoles, however, if anyone at Nintendo is studying this, one approach to get our attention would be to bring N64 games to Nintendo Switch Online. Only a thought.

Here is the lineup of free NES and SNES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15th.

SNES Games

Donkey Kong Country — Armed with chest-pounding muscle, mighty barrel rolls and impressive vine-swinging skills, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong set out to face their adversaries, K. Rool and his reptilian crew of Kremlings. Play solo and a friend, compete or play in over 100 degrees filled with hidden bonus levels and collectables. (Nintendo)

Natsume Championship Wrestling– Pick from 12 outrageous wrestlers and deliver the pain! Having over 50 moves to learn and a grappling system, experience the wrestling action of this 16-bit era. Test your might from the AI, or up to 2 players can compete at tag group the exhibition and round-robin matches.

NES Games : Nintendo

The Immortal — Catch your Wizard’s Pack and allow your quest to unfold as you explore the Labyrinth of Eternity. Delve into the depths of the dungeon. Your teacher Mordamir awaits below!

There are a variety of payment methods for Nintendo Switch Online: $3.99 for one month, $7.99 for three weeks, or $19.99 for a year. There is also a family program which costs $34.99 but can support up to 8 Nintendo Accounts. There is a trial too if you want to check it out before you commit to paying.

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