Nintendo denies joy-con drift is a problem

Nintendo denies joy-con drift is a problem

Consumer lawyers who have sued Nintendo for Nintendo Switch controller malfunctions share what they are told.

Nintendo is facing a class action lawsuit in the United States over the problems of the Nintendo Switch joy-con, which can start to fail after a while. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2019 and continued, caused the president of the company to apologize for this situation, but apparently the consumer attorneys who have sued the company feel Nintendo is denying the major, and he does not believe that we are faced with a common case of failure.

“It’s not really a problem or has caused discomfort.” These are the words with which Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK & D) explain to their clients that the plaintiff does not agree with the charge. In fact, said law firm is asking its users to send a 90 second video to demonstrate that it is a common condition. “We are working on a montage of clips of Switch users to showcase the joy-con drift issues they are experiencing,” the email said.

“To demonstrate these issues and how they affect users, it would be very helpful just in case if you could send us a video of 90 seconds or less describing the joy-con experience,” they add . Now the company is collecting evidence to proceed with the legal proceedings.


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