Nintendo Switch OLED, How To Change The Color Intensity Of The Screen?

Nintendo Switch OLED: One of the hidden features of the new Nintendo console is the ability to change the color intensity of the panel. We explain it to you. Nintendo Switch OLED is now available worldwide with changes beyond a screen growing to seven inches with a high-performance OLED panel. After this first weekend, it seems that the first buyers are very satisfied with the model, especially with how much the experience in portable mode gains with each title. What has gone unnoticed is a hidden function in the console menu that allows us to change the color intensity of the screen. We tell you how to do it and how it differs.

Nintendo Switch OLED: High and Standard Color Intensity

Did you know that the Nintendo Switch OLED has two color intensity settings? By the way, did you know that you can increase the maximum brightness by turning off the automatic brightness? Currently, most mobile phones with OLED screen can change the color intensity to adjust the expression of colors according to the user’s taste. The new model of the console family is no less and allows you to choose two options, High and Standard, from the console menu. Follow these steps to check which one best suits your preferences.

Turn on Nintendo Switch OLED and make sure it is up to date.
Click the Console Settings icon and go to Console.
Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Color Intensity section. By default, it shows as High.
You can choose from High or Standard. Applies to handheld gaming only; not on television.

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