Nintendo Switch OLED: Latest Joy-Con Improve Stamina and Durability

Nintendo Switch OLED: Nintendo takes advantage of the launch of the new model and confirms that it has improved the design of the Joy-Con, although it believes that wear and tear is inevitable. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con has become a headache for many users in recent years due to the appearance of the terrifying drift. This is a wear-and-tear defect that allows the characters in a game to move on their own and lose precision when controlling them. With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Japanese company has confirmed in its Ask the Developers program that it has made improvements to the controls to solve this problem, both in the new model of the console and in all Joy-Con that have been produced recently.

Nintendo’s Yoshikazu Yamashita has noted that not only have they researched the uses users use the console’s controllers to improve “the reliability and duration” of the Joy-Con, but they have also improved the reliability test they pass the controls on. green light for its commercialization. These improvements apply to both the Nintendo Switch OLED, as well as other recently manufactured models (2019 and Lite). Yamashita assures that “once the effects of these improvements were confirmed, we implemented them immediately, including in the Joy-Con sold separately.”

Wear is inevitable

Despite confirming the improvements in durability and resistance, Yamashita also notes that it is necessary to continue working, as the wear of the tiller sticks is unavoidable, because the materials, like the tires of a car, are constantly changing. be friction. ”. He therefore considers it necessary to continue researching how usability and sustainability coexist.

Nintendo Switch OLED is now available. Here’s our full breakdown, looking at everything it offers: 7-inch screen, LAN port for Ethernet cable, comparison with other models and much more.

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