Nizamuddin coronavirus shocker: Govt stares at another crisis as seven die

A 2,000-person religious congregation at a mosque in the Nizamuddin district of Delhi, which threw several corona positive cases possibly a time bomb because six of the people who returned to Telangana after attending the congregation died of the virus and positive cases are emerging in at least five other regions, including J&K, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

More than 1,500 people have been quarantined in the Markaz itself. An installation is being created for these people at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, according to several reports. Even on Tuesday morning, people continue to board buses in the Nizammudin area to be taken to various hospitals for screening.

  • Number of infected cases in Delhi: up to 97 on Monday evening, compared to 72 on Sunday

  • Death of six people from Telangana who attended the congregation

  • 1 deceased from Kashmir dies

  • 253 admitted to hospitals, 24 positive tests

  • About 800 people traveled to different states, police began to search for these people

Such is the magnitude of this incident.

How did it happen?

Tableeghi Jamaat is an Islamic missionary movement, which was launched in 1926. It has its headquarters in the Nizamuddin region of Delhi, with followers from all over the world. From March 13 to 15, a religious congregation gathered nearly 2,000 people, including foreigners. It has become the last and largest virus hotspot in the country. The people who attended the event traveled to different states. The Delhi government has ordered the filing of an FIR against the head of Markaz, Maulana Saad Kandalvi, for endangering the lives of thousands of people.

Markaz Delhi issued a statement declaring: On March 24, a notice was issued by SHO P Hazrat Nizamuddin, requesting the closure of the premises of Markaz. A response was received on March 24, stating that compliance with instructions for the closure of Markaz was underway and about 1,500 people had left the day before, leaving about 1,000 visitors from different states and nationalities to Markaz. He was also informed that Ld. The MDS concerned had been requested to issue passes so that the remaining persons could be returned to their country of origin outside Delhi. A list of 17 vehicles with registration numbers as well as the names of the drivers and the details of their licenses were submitted to Ld. SDM so that blocked visitors / guests can be transported to their destination. The required authorization is still awaited.

Situation in Delhi

The total number of coronavirus cases in the national capital rose to 97 on Monday, with 25 new cases reported in one day, according to the Delhi Ministry of Health. It was 72 until the night before, that is, Sunday, which included two deaths. According to the Delhi Ministry of Health, of the 97 cases registered, 89 are admitted to various hospitals.

Meanwhile, Delhi police have cordoned off a large area of ​​Nizamuddin West in south Delhi where several people showed symptoms of the virus after participating in the congregation earlier this month, an official said.

“Up to 85 people were brought to the LNJP Sunday hospital in the Nizamuddin region and 68 were brought today, so a total of 153 people are admitted to isolation rooms and are tested for infection” , said Dr. JC Passey, MS of the LNJP.

Six dead in Telangana

Six people from Telangana who attended the Nizamuddin religious congregation in Delhi between March 13 and 15 have died from a new coronavirus, the state government announced on Monday.

“The coronavirus has spread among some of those who attended a religious prayer meeting from March 13 to 15 in Markaz in the Nizamuddin district of Delhi,” said an official statement. “Among those present were people from Telangana.”

Two of the six died at Gandhi hospital, one in two private hospitals and one in the cities of Nizamabad and Gadwal, the statement said, without mentioning the time of their death.

Research and treatment

People who attended a religious prayer meeting March 13-15 in Markaz in Delhi’s Nizamuddin neighborhood were sent to Lok Nayak Hospital for a coronavirus test Monday evening. The government called on everyone who attended the Markaz prayers in Delhi to inform the authorities.

“All those who have gone to Markaz prayers in Delhi should inform the authorities. The government would test them and offer them free treatment. Anyone who has information about them should alert the government and the authorities,” said the official. Telangana’s medical and health department said in a statement.

Two people died in Gandhi hospital while each died in Apollo, the global hospital, Nizamabad and Gadwal. Research has started in various states. The government of Uttar Pradesh has given orders to search for them in 18 districts.


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