No community spread, coronavirus in local transmission stage: Govt

The coronavirus pandemic is being transmitted locally in India and there are still no signs of community spread, the government said on Monday as the total number of cases rose to 1,071 and the death toll s is raised to 29.

Lav Agarwal, co-secretary of the Ministry of Health, said 92 new cases and four deaths from coronaviruses have been reported in India since Sunday. “It has taken 12 days for cases to go from 100 to 1,000 in our country, while seven other developed countries with smaller populations than us have experienced multiple increases,” he said, quoted by the PTI news agency.

The government has attributed the slow pace of the increase in cases to the successful implementation of the foreclosure and the strict adherence to rules and guidelines by individuals.

Emphasizing the importance of social distance, Agarwal said that even the negligence of one person can lead to the spread of this pandemic.

However, he said that instead of panicking, it was necessary to make COVID-19 known.

“Technically, COVID-19 is still at the local transmission stage in the country because there has not been any community transmission at the moment,” he said, adding: “If there will be community transmission, we would like to transmit it to the community. through you (media) to increase the level of vigilance and management of COVID-19 in the field. “



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