'No plans for vaccine passports' says Matt Hancock

The UK Health Minister said there are currently no plans to introduce vaccination records for those who have received both shocks.

Matt Hancock, who was urged by the broadcaster, said, “We don’t have any plans for vaccination certificates at the moment – and in this case, going on vacation is illegal anyway.

“Of course we are always working with other countries and checking these kinds of things, but right now there are 31,670 people with Covid in the hospital.

“It is imperative that, despite the good news about the vaccine, and even as cases start to decline, everyone follows the rules and stays home unless you absolutely have to.”

He added, “I know there is good news but we still have very serious issues to deal with.”

Government data as of Feb. 4 shows that of the 11,477,040 shocks administered to date in the UK, 10,971,047 were first doses – an increase of 480,560 from the previous day’s numbers.

About 505,993 were second doses, an increase of 4,036 from the numbers published the previous day.

The UK’s seven-day moving average of first doses is now 439,980.

According to the latest figures, it would take an average of 402,895 first doses of vaccine per day to meet the government’s target of 15 million first doses by February 15.


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