No quarantine for Elf on the Shelf as Santa says they can't get sick

Families in north Lincolnshire are preparing for The Elf on the Shelf’s return soon.

But this year, many kids across the country are wondering if their favorite festival friends need to be quarantined before joining their families before Christmas.

The North Pole has been inundated with inquiries from children around the world about what travel restrictions will be placed on elves to protect them from Covid-19.

Santa Claus himself took the time to reassure the children that all elves and members of the Claus family are key workers and are released from quarantine.

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Santa Claus said, “All Boy Scout Elves are 100% healthy and will stay healthy at the North Pole.

“They look forward to returning to the human world for a period of excitement and giggles.

“Since scout elves are magical beings from the North Pole, they do not get any human diseases and do not have to be quarantined!”

The North Pole team has also recommended a number of effective elf quarantine ideas for families who would prefer their elf to self-isolate on arrival to set a good example for their household by modeling their safety and hygiene practices, to ensure everyone’s safety.

The elf’s quarantine ideas on the shelf

  • Make your Scout Elf a special, comfortable and cozy place. You can use a jar (without a lid), a dollhouse chair, or some fluffy cotton snow like a pallet for him to settle into. Even if your boy scout elf still has to watch and report to Santa, this gives him a safe place to return to every morning.
  • Make sure your Scout Elf can bring a quarantine box, jar or pallet into a house without little hands being able to access it. Resting on a mantle, in the branches of a tall Christmas tree, or on top of a bookshelf is an excellent place for the elf to settle down for a long day of work.
  • Remember, while they love to set a good example, Boy Scout Elves don’t have to remain isolated for 14 days like humans. It may only be a few days or a few hours that they choose to model such good behavior.
  • Most of the time, Boy Scout Elves want to remind you to be kind and think of others first, especially around Christmas time, which is why masks and quarantined moments are primarily helpful.


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