No restriction half term holiday destinations – family packages on sale

After almost two years of strict travel restrictions, families are finally looking to holiday abroad as the world begins to open its borders.

Halfway through, tens of thousands of holidaymakers will leave Britain in search of winter sun or snow-covered slopes, but the process remains far from easy unless your destination has no restrictions.

France recently became the latest major nation to reopen travel across the English Channel, prompting a rapid boom in tourism.

However, France and other popular destinations such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus still require PCR testing and full vaccinations to ensure your entry into the countries goes smoothly and avoid quarantine.

167 nations have borders that are open to visitors who are fully vaccinated and/or have a negative Covid-19 PCR or antigen test result and/or are quarantined on arrival.

In fact, there are only three countries in the world that do not have travel restrictions in place, allowing those who are not fully vaccinated to enter.

Holiday without restrictions

The only countries where you can vacation without any travel restrictions or need to be fully vaccinated are Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Mexico welcomed nearly 100 million tourists in 2019 before the pandemic, drawn by the country’s beautiful tropical beaches and historic Mayan ruins.

TUI is offer outstanding offers this year and through 2023 for those wishing to visit the vibrant destination.

Alternatively, you can jet to the natural paradise of Costa Rica with the same providers. Famous for its rugged rainforest with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries on earth and the safest in America.

It is the most peaceful country in Central America, with a low violent crime rate and almost no political instability.

The same does not apply to the final destination, where you can travel without restrictions. El Salvador is one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Not ideal for a half day getaway.

El Salvador recorded a homicide rate of 83 per 100,000 people in 2021, making it the most dangerous country for this type of crime in the world. according to stats.

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