'No way back' into public life for Prince Andrew as Royal Family 'block return'

“No way back into public life” for Prince Andrew Duke of York as his family see him as a potential burden for the monarchy, it was reported.

Sources have alleged that Andrew’s brothers Charles and Edward, as well as Sister Anne, had a meeting where they decided he would not be allowed to return to public duties The mirror.

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The once high-ranking royal has been mired in controversy since his relationship with noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was revealed.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, claimed Andrew abused her too and has now taken the prince to justice.

Royal sources have also claimed Prince William viewed him as a “threat” to the monarchy.

A meeting was reportedly held in January where Charles, Anne and Edward agreed that their brother should stay in the background – after he officially stepped down from his royal duties in November 2019.

The source said, “Nine months ago, Charles, Anne and Edward had a meeting, a summit, and they all agreed there was no going back for him.”

Prince Andrew was forced to step down after a disastrous interview on Newsnight nearly two years ago.

A source for the Sunday Times said: They said, “There’s no way he’s coming back, the family will never let him.”

The insider also claimed Prince William was unhappy with the lack of gratitude Andrew showed the family during this humiliating saga that made headlines around the world.

“Any suggestion that there is no gratitude for the institution, anything that would lead the public to believe that high-ranking members of the family are not grateful for their position (William thinks), is really dangerous.”

During Prince Philip’s funeral, it was clear that Andrew didn’t feel like he was staying in the background.

The 61-year-old played a prominent role at his father’s funeral and spoke to the media to convey the grief to the entire family.

He spoke to television crews outside All Saints Chapel, Windsor Lodge, two days after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, to express the feelings of the royal family.

A friend of Charles told the Sunday Times that Andrew took the opportunity to “be in front of a camera and make it clear to households that he would be in front of a camera as soon as possible.”

But a Sunday Times source said that while Charles “loves” his brother, he feels that the sexual abuse lawsuit served by his accuser Virginia Giuffre is “unwelcome institutional damage.”

Add: “A way back is not possible for the Duke because the specter of this accusation raises its head with hideous regularity.”

Buckingham Palace declined to comment. Comment was requested from Kensington Palace.


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