Noel Clarke says he's 'deeply sorry' and will be 'seeking professional help'

Noel Clarke said he would seek professional help and “deeply apologized” for his actions, but “vehemently” denied any sexual misconduct or criminal behavior.

The actor and producer said he realized that “some of my actions affected people in ways that I did not intend or realize,” and apologized to those affected.

His testimony comes after 20 women who knew Clarke for work came forward and made allegations about him to The Guardian newspaper.

Clarke said in a statement to the PA news agency, “I vehemently deny any sexual or criminal misconduct.

“However, recent reports have made me realize that some of my actions have affected people in ways that I did not intend or realize.

“I feel very sorry for these people. I will seek professional help to further my education and change for the better. “

ITV removed the final episode of a drama with the 45-year-old on Friday night after the allegations were published.

The actor is currently playing in the thriller Viewpoint as DC Martin Young, a surveillance detective who sets up his observation post with a single mother.

The five-part drama aired this week and should be completed on Friday night.

Sky, which aired three series of Clarke’s Bulletproof series, has announced that it will stop working with Clarke following the allegations.

Meanwhile, Bafta has tried to explain why Clarke was honored with the Outstanding British Contribution to the Cinema Award earlier this month – after being briefed on allegations of misconduct.

The academy has put its award and membership on hold and is trying to explain to members why it has plans to celebrate the actor at the recent film awards.

Rep. Stella Creasy said the allegations raised “very uncomfortable questions for Bafta,” while Northern Ireland’s Shadow Secretary Alex Davies Jones tweeted, “If @Bafta gave Noel Clarke an” Outstanding Contribution Award “despite knowing the allegations against him, the questions are serious must be answered immediately. “

In a letter to his membership, Bafta said he was unaware of the allegations regarding Clarke before announcing he would receive the award, and that in the days following the announcement in March, the post had anonymous emails received with second or third hand accounts.

The letter reads: “We want to assure you that we have handled this matter with the utmost seriousness, care and due process at every stage.

“The Bafta Board of Trustees has remained unchanged on this matter, has met several times and fully supports all measures taken.

“The allegations against Mr. Clarke are extremely serious and the conduct they allege is contrary to the values ​​of Bafta and all that it stands for.

“But no matter how heinous these allegations are, they cannot be dealt with without due process.

“Bafta is an arts charity that is unable to properly investigate such matters.”

The Academy said the emails it received were “either anonymous or used or used accounts through intermediaries”.

It added: “No first-hand allegations have been sent to us. Names, times, dates, productions or other details were never given.

“If the victims had been registered with The Guardian, the award would have been suspended immediately. Noel Clarke’s attorney received a legal notice to this effect.

“It was always very clear what our intentions would be.

“We asked individuals to provide their accounts and identify themselves, as they did at The Guardian. However, due to the anonymous claims and lack of firsthand specificity, we didn’t have enough reason to take action.”

Bafta added that it had set up an “independent, suitably qualified person” with whom alleged victims could discuss the issues.

The letter concluded, “We deeply regret that women have felt unable to give us the kind of firsthand testimony that has now appeared in The Guardian.

“Had we received this, we would never have presented the award to Noel Clarke.”

“I sincerely apologize”

A previous statement by Clarke said: “In a 20 year career, I have put inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of my work and never filed a complaint against myself.

“If anyone who has worked with me has ever felt uncomfortable or disrespectful, I sincerely apologize.

“I vehemently deny any sexual misconduct or misconduct and intend to defend myself against these false allegations.”

Clarke’s bulletproof co-star Ashley Walters said on social media, “My thoughts are with the women who have reached out and shared their terrifying stories. I am shocked and deeply saddened by what I have heard on a variety of levels.

“I could not tolerate such behavior in or out of work, and although Noel has been a friend and colleague for several years, I cannot uphold and ignore these allegations.

“Sexual harassment, abuse and bullying have no place in our industry. Every woman has the right to a secure job and I promise my commitment to it in the future. “

Vertigo Films, UK producer of Bulletproof, said: “We are devastated to hear these allegations and have opened an urgent investigation to see if they apply to Vertigo Films productions.

“Our immediate concern is with any cast or crew who may have had negative experiences on set.

“We have solid incident reporting procedures in place, including the ability to anonymously address issues.

“And while no issues have been reported to us, we stand ready to support anyone who has had a negative experience on the show and encourage you to move forward with confidence.

“With immediate effect, Noel Clarke will be removed from any Vertigo Films production.”

Clarke made his first TV appearance on Channel 4 series Metrosexuality more than 20 years ago and became famous for his roles as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who and Wyman Norris in Goodbye, Pet.

He later wrote and starred in the acclaimed film trilogy Kidulthood, Adulthood and Brotherhood and directed two of them.

Clarke was first recognized by Bafta in 2009 when he won the Rising Star Award.

Management and manufacturing company 42 M&P announced that it will no longer represent Clarke earlier this month.

A spokesperson said: “Noel Clarke was a customer of 42 M&P until April this year, but the company no longer represents him.”


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