North Korea accuses U.N. of double standard over missile firings

“It represents a denial of sovereignty and an obvious double standard that the United Nations Security Council challenges on the basis of the United Nations'” resolutions “- direct products of hostile policies towards the US (North Korea),” said Jo Chol, senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official Su said in a statement from state media.

Jo said it “doesn’t make sense” for the United States Council to only question missile launches in North Korea while taking no action on similar weapons tests in other countries. He said such “double standards will have more serious consequences” but did not elaborate on it.

Observers say North Korea could launch long-range missiles in the coming weeks.

At the meeting of the Sanctions Monitoring Committee on Friday and in North Korea, where all 15 members of the Security Council are represented, United States diplomats expressed concern over the recent violations of Pyongyang against Council resolutions banning ballistic missile launches. You said the Security Council will likely have a closed discussion on missile launches this week.

Previous short-range missile launches by North Korea usually resulted in convictions by the United States Security Council, but not in new sanctions against the country. North Korea was hit with heightened United States sanctions in 2016-17 after conducting provocative missile and nuclear tests for the ability to launch nuclear strikes on the US mainland.

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