North Korea 'developing Covid vaccine using data hacked from foreign scientists'

North Korea is reportedly developing a coronavirus vaccine using data hacked by foreign scientists.

The secret state is said to have founded a “hacking organization” to obtain important pandemic information from other countries. Daily NK Expectations.

A source told the publication that the research carried out by the technical department could be used to make a vaccine for citizens of the one-party republic – despite claims that there has not been a single case of Covid.

The ruling party had apparently set up a specialist team called Bureau 325, which was dedicated to hacking information about the virus.

And the source said the Phase I and II vaccine studies had already been completed and extensive Phase III studies were under way.

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In North Korea, tests are done on patients who have symptoms similar to people with coronavirus.

Reports of hacker attacks first surfaced in the west last year, before the vaccines currently used in Europe and the US were approved MailOnline.

The hacking group that was set up to access Covid information reported important findings to Kim Yo Jong, sister of the leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim and Party Secretary Jo Yong Won are also said to lead the group’s activities themselves.

A major lockdown was reportedly enforced in North Korea earlier this month

Despite the country’s claims, the virus is believed to have possibly spread to North Korea as it has ties to China, where the pandemic began.

A major ban on both internal and external travel was reportedly enforced earlier this month, despite no official reporting of a case.

However, it is unclear how a vaccine – if one was developed – would be spread among the population of the state.


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