North Korea fires 'missile' into the sea days after 'short range weapon test'

North Korea launched a “ballistic missile” into the sea, the Japanese Defense Ministry said days after the secret state completed a short-range missile test.

The military in neighboring South Korea reported that an “unidentified projectile” was fired into the sea off the east coast of the peninsula on Thursday.

Ballistic missiles from the dictatorship are banned under UN Security Council resolutions.

If the launch is confirmed, it will be the first ballistic missile test launch under the new US President Joe Biden.

South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff did not identify what the projectile was or when it was fired.

US officials told Reuters that North Korea had re-launched a projectile without disclosing the number or type of projectile detected.

A spokesman for the Japanese Defense Military said it could be a ballistic missile.

He added, “It did not fall on Japanese territory and it is not believed to have fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone.”

Previously, the Japanese Coast Guard warned ships about approaching fallen objects and instead asked them to provide information to the Coast Guard.

Yonhap News Agency reports that South Korea has now called a meeting of the National Security Council on emergencies to mark the launches.

It comes after North Korea fired two short-range missiles over the weekend, US and South Korean officials said.

But the US downplayed the first such tests under Joe Biden, saying it was still open to dialogue with Pyongyang.

People watch a television news broadcast that shows a file image of a North Korean missile test

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) takes part in the laying of the foundation stone for a construction project for the construction of 10,000 apartments in Pyongyang

North Korea said it would not get involved until the US halts its “hostile policies”, including conducting military exercises with South Korea.

The country has not tested ICBMs for more than three years and has continued to produce nuclear weapons.

The news of the launches comes a week after Kim Yo Jong, sister of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, sent a warning to Joe Biden.

“We are taking this opportunity to warn the new US administration that is trying to get rid of the smell of powder in our country,” reports the North Korean state news agency.

“When it wants to sleep in peace [the] For the next four years, it should be better not to cause a stink at the first step. “


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