North Korea: Kim Jong-un shows off nuclear missiles in fresh warning to US

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un posed in front of a Hwasong-16, North Korea’s largest ICBM, when he gave his final warning to Joe Biden

Kim Jong-un speaks to senior military officials in front of the country’s largest nuclear missile

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un showed off his country’s latest nuclear missiles when he accused the US and South Korea of ​​creating tension.

One such missile on display was a Hwasong-16, North Korea’s largest ICBM, which was first unveiled at a military parade last year.

Analysts have described the “Monster” missile as one of the largest street-mobile ICBMs in the world when it is operational.

In a speech carried on state news, Kim said he had only increased his military strength out of self-defense.

He claimed Pyongyang’s weapons development was necessary amid hostile US policies and military build-up in South Korea, according to a report by state news agency KCNA.

The North Korean leader reportedly showed off his Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) design, according to a journalist

His comments during a speech at the Defense Development Exhibition came as he stood surrounded by ICBMs and giant portraits of himself in military uniform. Reuters reports.

The DPRK leader said: “We are not discussing war with anyone, but rather to prevent war itself and to literally increase war deterrence to protect national sovereignty.”

He added that the US “creates regional tensions by wrong decisions and actions,” and that he did not trust Washington’s claim that it had no hostile intentions against him, NK News reported.

The DPRK’s comments were made during a speech at the Defense Development Exhibition

US military activities such as joint exercises with South Korea “bring many potential dangers” and “increase the urgency to strengthen us further,” he continued.

He also promised to carry out military development plans, including new solid-fueled ICBMs, a new nuclear weapons-grade submarine, and a military reconnaissance satellite – but claimed all of this in the name of self-defense.

Describing South Korea’s stance as “dualistic, illogical and gangster-like”, he declined to warn that he was “reacting with vigorous action and” not condoning “the South’s intention not to” violate “North Korea’s right to self-defense.

His comments came amid mounting tensions between North and South Korea, less than a month after both sides tested ballistic missiles in the arms race’s most recent volley.

South Korea recently tested its first submarine-launched ballistic missile.

North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations claimed he had the right to self-defense and weapon tests in the face of US “hostile policies” after the South Korean military said North Korea fired an unidentified projectile at sea off its east coast.

Speaking to the United Nations Annual General Assembly, Kim Song said, “No one can deny the DPRK the righteous right of self-defense to design, test, manufacture and possess weapons systems equivalent to those possessed or developed by them. “

One such missile at the show was the Hwasong-16, North Korea’s largest ICBM

The US has announced that it will hold diplomatic talks with North Korea at any time.

On Tuesday, South Korea’s national security adviser Suh Hoon is expected to speak with his American counterpart Jake Sullivan on the issue of North Korea.

Speaking to reporters in Washington on Monday, Suh said he plans to discuss President Moon Jae-in’s proposal for a formal statement to end the Korean War from 1950-1953 and possible easing of sanctions against North Korea, the Yonhap news agency reported.

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