North Korean man executed in front of 500 people for 'illegally selling videos'

A North Korean man was executed after being fired in front of 500 people for illegally selling music and films.

Authorities branded the man, whose last name is Lee, as an “anti-socialist element” for trading in videos containing South Korean dramas and films, and he was killed last Thursday. a daily NK source said.

His family had to stand in the front row of the 500 people to see the execution in Wonsan, Gangwon Province, 40 days after he was arrested.

Lee was a chief engineer for the Wonsan Farming Management Commission and was caught by the daughter of his “People’s Unit” chief secretly selling CDs and USBs containing South Korean content.

“This was the first execution in Gangwon Province for anti-socialist acts under the Anti-Reactionary Thought Act,” the cruel North Korean authorities reportedly judged Lee.

“In the past, [people like Lee] were sent to labor or re-education camps. It would be a grave mistake to believe that you will receive light punishment. Such reactionary behavior helps people who try to destroy our socialism.

“In our society, reactionaries shouldn’t be allowed to live without fear.”

After authorities recited the guilty verdict, twelve shots rang out before Lee’s “lifeless body was rolled into a straw sack and loaded into a box and then taken somewhere,” the Daily NK source said.

The North Korean authorities said he was an "anti-socialist element".

They continued, “Lee’s wife, son, and daughter collapsed where they stood in the front row of the execution area. While everyone was watching, the Department of State Security picked her up and loaded her into a truck with barred windows to take her around to be transported to a political prison camp.

“The family neighbors burst into tears when they saw the four security officers pick up Lee’s broken wife and throw her [into the van] like a piece of luggage, but had to close their mouths and cry in silence for fear of getting involved in the criminal act of compassion with a reactionary. “

Lee reportedly confessed to selling the material, and authorities are now hunting down who bought it from him using the CDs and USBs that were believed to have sold for five to twelve dollars.

The North Korean authorities are also persecuting 20 other people for selling CDs and USBs

Around 20 other people are now charged with selling South Korean music and films and are currently being prosecuted.

The execution for anti-socialist behavior was initiated last year by an “anti-reactionary thought law”.

“If you are caught watching a South Korean video these days, you will be given either a life sentence or a death sentence so no one knows who will be executed next,” the source said.

“You can get a seven-year sentence just for not reporting anyone. The entire population is trembling with fear. “


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