North Korea's Kim Jong-un executes minister 'for not holding enough video calls'

Kim Jong-un executed a North Korean government official after his department failed to make enough video calls and complained about the workload.

The unnamed senior education minister was reportedly sentenced to death by the despot ruler after investigating why his department had not made satisfactory progress.

A report on the results of the Ministry of Higher Education’s investigation conducted by the Department of Organization and Advice (ODG) was published by Daily NRK.

It has been alleged that not enough has been done to properly implement the Distance Learning Act, the news agency reported.

The report said: “The OGD conducted an investigation because the Commission had made no progress and because some had criticized the government’s policies.”

The allegations also reportedly included department members complaining about their work “at every meeting” while others questioned the lack of state-provided resources.

The inspectors are also reported to have highlighted the slow pace in the implementation of the “distance learning policy” which was viewed as poor.

After the minister’s death, the new commission was “reorganized” under Ri Guk Chol, president of Kim Il Sung University, the report added.

Under the new measures, “they plan to have regular video conferencing,” confirmed a source.

The execution takes place in a long line of Kim.

Last year he allegedly fed a general to carnivorous piranhas, while five aides were reportedly killed by firing squads after his 2019 summit with Donald Trump failed to bring a deal.

Earlier this week, Kim was accused of setting up a “nuclear school” that focuses solely on building and arming missiles.


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