North Korea's missile launch explained and why it needs to be taken seriously

North Korea’s most recent missile test alone appears to be relatively harmless.

Against the background of growing tensions between neighboring China and the west, this poses an almost impossible problem for the Biden government.

As an immensely powerful economic and military opponent of western China, China is a valuable neighbor of the poverty-stricken, underfunded and militarily inferior North Korea.

China has an alternate relationship with North Korea, but Beijing could view its unpredictable neighbor as an increasingly useful asset.

As the only possible peacemaker with North Korea, China can use its neighbors as leverage for its rapid global expansion.

Beijing is showing worrying signs of aggression against Taiwan’s strategically important Western ally, China’s neighbor, whom it plans to annex.

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An encouraged North Korea could become increasingly dangerous in the months ahead, accelerating its ability to pursue nuclear and missile ambitions.

Much of North Korea’s military power and logistics could have come from, which is also believed to be of assistance to China.

Therefore, North Korean aggression must be taken seriously by America and South Korea, where 28,000 US soldiers are stationed.

This could also affect the UK as our aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth flies to the region later this year and will inevitably face a threat from cyber or otherwise from China.

It has been a year since the last North Korean ballistic missile test, and this latest provocation signals two important things.

America takes North Korea's aggression seriously

Citizens watch news of North Korea's rocket bombardment at Suseo Station in Seoul

It shows that Pyongyang’s ballistic skills are becoming minor but nonetheless more sophisticated and progressing.

The Kim regime has continued to expand its ability to strike despite attempts to calm its arms development.

And any test Kim Jong-un ordered is usually a sign that the regime is desperately trying to attract US attention.

Kim Jong-un was seriously injured by the Trump administration, which withdrew from negotiations and did not lift sanctions against Pyongyang.

People watch a television news broadcast that shows a picture of a North Korean missile test

Most of the North Korean population is desperately poor, many are starving and its dysfunctional regime is wasting much-needed weapons resources.

But Kim must uphold the claim to be a strong leader, to fight back against the evil west while promising a better future for the isolated country.

North Korea's missile launch explained and why it needs to be taken seriously 1

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This regime relies heavily on paranoia in the West, without which it cannot survive.

Without Kim’s strong stance as a man with no perceived external threat, he and his regime are little.

Unless they have an increasingly powerful Chinese neighbor on their side.


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