North of England 'corridor' to home National Cyber Force

A new “cyber corridor” in northwest England will be home to a National Cyber ​​Force (NCF), Boris Johnson told MPs today.

The Prime Minister unveiled the integrated review of the future of Britain’s foreign, defense and security policy during a statement in the House of Commons, saying: “I can announce that the national cyber force is conducting offensive cyber operations against terrorists, hostile states and criminal gangs will now be in a cyber corridor in northwest England and we will be setting up an intergovernmental situation center in the Cabinet Office to learn from the pandemic and improve the use of data to anticipate and respond to future crises. “

The NCF, established last year to transform the UK’s ability to conduct targeted offensive cyber operations, brings defense and intelligence workers together under a single command.

It is hoped that the proposal will spur growth in the digital, defense and technology sectors outside London and create new partnerships between government, sector and universities in the region.

Speaking before his Commons statement, Johnson said, “Cyber ​​power is revolutionizing the way we live our lives and wage wars, just as air power did 100 years ago.

“We need to develop our cyber capabilities so that we can take advantage of the opportunities it presents while ensuring that those who try to attack us and our way of life are thwarted at every turn.

“Our new, all-encompassing cyber approach will transform our ability to protect our employees, advance our interests around the world and improve the lives of the British every day.”

The integrated review, which covers foreign, defense, security and development policies, has been billed as the most important overhaul of Britain’s strategic stance since the Cold War.

Part of his job was to examine how the armed forces must adapt to the changing face of warfare, with a new focus on cyber and military.


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