Notable claim for Nintendo Switch Pro

Rumors and rumors about the 4K-powered Nintendo Switch Pro have been going on for a long time. The latest claims about the console, which is expected to be released this year, aren’t the kind that will please everyone.

The games prepared for the Switch Pro were expected to be played on the original Switch and Switch Lite. However, Nintendo is reportedly not going to provide such support. It is said that there will be special content between the games being prepared for Switch Pro and they cannot be played on the existing Switch and Switch Lite.

According to user nickname “NateDrake” sharing on the ResetEra site, third-party studios are also preparing special games for Switch Pro. It is said that the number of them will not be many in the first place. NateDrake has not failed to mention that he knows the name of at least one of these games.

The main reason for this situation seems to be that the Switch Pro has 4K support. It is stated that developers may want to prepare games suitable for the 4K experience and therefore want to shift their focus to the Switch Pro.

This claim for the Switch Pro is an extraordinary situation for Nintendo. The company has generally covered all generations in the games it has offered for consoles to date. This situation is expected to continue in the first generation games prepared by Nintendo. However, when third-party games are also involved, the Nintendo ecosystem seems a bit fragmented.

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