Now Is the Time for Congress to Deliver

America is moving forward from the dark days of Donald Trump’s presidency. A critical number of workers of all races joined young, black, brown, and indigenous voters to lead us to victory. We organized Progressives in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to help win those states back. Thanks to decades of local organization in Georgia and Arizona, we’ve turned these states blue. And we’ve held our gavel in the House of Representatives through notable turnout, including in swing districts where eight incumbents ran and won while sponsoring Medicare for All and four ran and won while sponsoring the Green New Deal.

Progressive election initiatives have also won across the country. Florida overwhelmingly exceeded a minimum wage of $ 15. Colorado voters took 12 weeks of paid family vacation while rejecting an abortion ban. Four states, red and blue, legalized recreational marijuana. And Arizona raised taxes for the wealthy to raise funds for public education. Make no mistake: voters agreed to a progressive agenda. We have also given President-elect Joe Biden a clear mandate to fight for us, to respond to the causes of suffering, and to transform this country so that the people can thrive, not just survive.

Even as we celebrate our tremendous victories, we need to pay attention to why more than 74 million people voted for Trump’s re-election. We also need to understand why Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives and were unable to gain a foothold in the Senate. It is clear that too many people no longer believe that the government has done enough to raise all boats. Worse, they see that both the Democratic and Republican governments have allowed and promoted policies that benefit the richest. Working people have watched their incomes stagnate and fall as the income of the richest people rose. You saw Grandma cut her pills in half because she couldn’t afford her prescription. They cried when their families were torn apart because of cruel immigration laws and criminal injustice. And they sat in smoke-filled houses when the planet burned.

The solution to this is clear: a progressive agenda that will change people’s lives. Biden’s platform was the most progressive of all the recent nominees as our movement partnered with his campaign to advance bold guidelines. Now is the time to deliver. With President Biden, Congress must take immediate action on critical priorities. The Progressive Caucus of Congress, which I chair, stands ready to make this happen, and that is why our members have overwhelmingly passed reforms that will make us more organized, effective and ready to face this government moment. We work inside and outside of Congress and we are ready to fight for an agenda that lifts the people.

First, we need to provide comprehensive Covid-19 aid that is fair to the scale of the crisis and directly takes on the various damage it has caused black, indigenous and other vulnerable communities, starting with the 140 million poor and low-income people of the Country. That relief should remain in place until the economy recovers, and it needs to put money straight into your pocket through generous economic reviews, expanded unemployment insurance and other social security benefits that are everyone, regardless of immigration status. It must also include rental and mortgage assistance, the settlement of student debt, and an immediate increase in the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.


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