Now not a moment “to ease up” on Covid restrictions, says Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was not a moment to relax coronavirus restrictions.

He told the Downing Street press conference, “This is not a time to relax. The success of the vaccine rollout means we cannot jeopardize that progress. “

Matt Hancock said additional support was given to ensure those who tested positive for new variants of the coronavirus were self-isolating.

The cabinet minister said in a press conference: “With regard to the new variants, we have identified and introduced what is known as improved contact tracing. This means that for any of the people found to have a new variant that worries us from overseas, there is a special focus on contact tracing to ensure that they and their contacts are self-isolating. We check if they are self-isolating. You will receive the greatest possible support because it is so important that we get these new variants under control abroad. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was “difficult” to make a decision about when to lift lockdown restrictions.

At the press conference on Downing Street, he emphasized that 37,000 people with coronavirus were hospitalized. He said this was “almost twice as many as at the first peak in April”.

He also noted that “in this whole pandemic, more people are on ventilators than ever before”.

He added: “The pressure on the NHS remains enormous and we need to reduce that case rate. Of course, I understand that people’s yearning has to get out of here.

“The thing is, we have to look at the facts on the ground and monitor those facts.

“And of course everyone wants to have a schedule for that, but I think most people understand why it’s difficult to put a schedule on it because it’s about monitoring the data, and in fact, this is a state contingent, not one time-dependent question. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said ministers were discussing which tiers would replace the lockdown once it is lifted.

He told the press conference: “We are currently dealing with this issue and the impact that the various levels have had, and we are also investigating where the transmission took place.

“That is a question that science poses.”


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