Number of new cases of Covid up 27% in a week to 70,000 a day

Data from the UK infection survey conducted by King’s College London on the Zoe Covid Symptom Study suggests there are an average of 69,958 new symptomatic cases of coronavirus per day in the UK, up 27% from a week earlier.

The study also estimated the current UK R-value – which is the average number of people an infected person passes the virus to – at 1.2.

Regional R-values ​​are 1.1 in England, 1 in Wales and 1.3 in Scotland.

“New cases in England continue to rise slowly every day, but the numbers are being driven by recent strong increases in London, South East and East England,” the study’s authors say.

Tim Spector, lead researcher on the study, said: “The UK is currently of concern with 70,000 new cases every day and around 800,000 people infected. The hardest hit areas continue to be Wales, London and the South East.

“One in 42 people in London now has symptomatic Covid, so those who live in the capital need to be careful.

“The good news is that we are now seeing new cases in London that are falling slightly.”


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